Pre Surgery Complaints with Dr Payman Simoni

Pre-Surgery Complaints Review with Dr Payman Simoni.

You may wonder what are some common complaints patients have before surgery. If you asked Dr Payman Simoni he may tell you that he has helped prospective clients in his per-surgery reviews. Judging by Dr Simoni’s testimonials he does a great job at handling complaints and stress about the surgery. A great doctor will do a complete job of handling your care before the surgery, during it and after the procedure with follow up care.


The Complaints Reviews

Get your complaints reviewed before surgery by a good doctor like Dr Payman Simoni of Beverly Hills.

Anesthesia is a source of stress to many surgical candidates and the doctor can handle any questions or objections to help calm you. If you are healthy and approved by your doctor to be able to handle general anesthesia, the only remaining factor is the basic fear of getting knocked out. There may be some hesitation to get general anesthesia due to the nausea or shaking symptoms but this is usually a fair trade for the fountain of youth effect you get through plastic surgery. Your surgeon will set a meeting for you with your anesthesiologist and he will go over some detailed information to prepare you for the surgery.


It is perfectly normal for patients to feel a bit stressed just before a scheduled surgery. You will have mixed feelings and emotions when getting cosmetic surgery. You should be excited about the new you. However, there is always fear of the unknown and if it is your first surgery you may get scared. The doctor or anesthesiologist may give you a form of Valium or other drug just before he begins to start the procedure.

Addressing patients medical or cosmetic complaints before the surgery begins is key to good reviews and testimonials. A facelift or nose job should be done right the first time. It appears that Dr Payman Simoni gets very good reviews indeed.




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