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When considering plastic surgery it is important to check the testimonials and reviews, such as Dr Simoni reviews. If you are in Beverly Hills you should go for a personal consultation and see the doctors office personally. You will meet the staff and be able to explain your cosmetic complaints with Dr Simoni. He will review your case and discuss your various options.

Sometimes reviews and testimonials are not easy to navigate through while doing a quick search on the internet. This is because plastic surgery is a competitive business and fake reviews are posted by disgruntled workers or alleged blackmailers. Try to avoid websites that allow free or anonymous reviewing. Basically if a person can enter their own name , or fake username, you should be wary of that review.

The Dr Simoni Reviews

Dr Simoni Reviews, Complaints and Testimonials are available on his website.

Check with official court records for law suits and the medical board to find out if claims of fraud or malpractice are actually true. Many times they are not true. Dr Simoni has a great web page explaining how to spot slanderous reviews. Check his webpage for Dr Simoni Reviews.

Weather you live in Southern California or out of the USA, you should come to Dr Payman Simoni’s office to inquire about a facelift or other cosmetic procedure.


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