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Medical activity report and cosmetic surgery in the news.

Facial complaints are addressed by plastic surgeons like Dr Payman Simoni of Beverly Hills. He usually reviews a patients case and talks to them about how they will look. Now, a new realistic 3D aesthetic simulation tool is now used to show patients how they will look after surgery. Face Sculptor® software makes it simple to show plastic surgery patients and non-surgical clients a three-dimensional image of themselves. This new technology allows prospective clients to preview what they may look like after receiving breast augmentation, nose jobs and other cosmetic procedures even before having surgery.

The Dr Simoni Reviews

Weather or not some doctors use photos to show clients post operative effects, you should have a good consultation to prevent complaints. Dr Simoni reviews each client carefully.

The VECTRA® 3D photography system creates a photograph of the patient using multiple cameras. It takes a number of pictures simultaneously from all around the clients head. Afterwards, the 3D image is processed by the special Sculptor software to render a virtual model on a computer screen. This allows the doctor to simulate the anticipated results of various types of cosmetic procedures.

This is the preoperative technology that may have an analytical and emotional impact on expectations of patients and may lead to fewer complaints and positive testimonials and reviews. For Doctors, word of mouth advertising is key to justifying the expense of Sculptor’s state-of-the-art consultations.

The Cosmetic Surgery pictures

Cosmetic Surgery pictures can be taken with a 3D camera or you can just use the before and after photos from past clients and read testimonials to ensure good results.

The VECTRA® 3D photography system and Sculptor software were developed by Canfield Imaging Systems. It is not necessary to have a 3D picture of yourself to have a good consultation. You should rely on the consultation information with your doctor as the best guide. Asking the doctor for some before and after photos of past clients can give you a good idea of how your results will turn out. Dr Payman Simoni has many testimonials and before and after pictures on his website. All photos are published with the patients consent and there are many positive reviews.